The Richmond Food Bank is a dynamic hub that connects people, food, and services that are essential to health and well-being – the hallmark of a caring community. The Richmond Food Bank gives healthy and nutritionally-balanced food to more than 1400 people in a typical week, providing Richmond residents with healthy food choices and connecting our clients to services that address the root causes of poverty.

Our Vision

A caring community where no one goes hungry

Our Mission

To be a caring organization that provides food assistance, advocacy, and related support for community members in need

Here’s a video that highlights our many programs and the 218 volunteers who tirelessly work to help our neighbours in need:

We are here to serve Richmond residents who need help.  There are many reasons to access the food bank: working for low wages, having hours cut back or losing a job, suffering from chronic illness or disability, living on a fixed income, or homelessness.  Whatever the reason you need help, we are here to provide food assistance.

The Richmond Food Bank receives no government support; we rely on the generosity of individuals, organizations, and schools to serve the more than 1400 people a week who come to us for help.  We do not solicit door to door or by telephone for donations.a caring community sharing with neighbours in need

Monetary donations allow us to purchase perishable items, such as fresh vegetables and milk, that are so very important for a healthy diet.  For every $1 we spend, we collect and distribute $6 worth of food.  Donations over $20 are eligible for a tax receipt.

Here’s information on Donating, and here’s a list of the items we currently need.  To donate online, please go here.

We have many different programs at the Richmond Food Bank, including our Ageless Volunteerism program, our Community Information Table, and our Play and Learn program.  Here is a list of the programs we host at the Richmond Food Bank.

You can find our latest information on our News blog or on our Facebook page.  Please visit our Food Bank Facts page to learn more about our activities.  If you still have questions, or would like a tour of our facilities, please Contact Us.