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Before & After Vaccination

Before & After Vaccination

By Hajira Hussain in RFB News on July 17, 2021

“The COVID-19 vaccine is saving lives. Vaccines do more than protect the people getting vaccinated, they also protect everyone around them. The more people in a community who are immunized and protected from COVID-19, the harder it is for COVID-19 to spread.”


As COVID-19 transmission rates decrease and B.C. prepares to “restart” in steps, the Richmond Food Bank has been working with BCIT nursing students and retired nurses to offer clients up-to-date COVID-19 vaccination information.

As part of our response to Covid-19, clients waiting for groceries at the Richmond Food Bank can ask nurses and nursing students about COVID-19 prevention protocols, how to get vaccinated, and what to do before and after getting the vaccine.


It’s important that we all continue to wear masks at least until “fully vaccinated” – that is, for at least 2-3 weeks after getting the second shot. Many people opt to continue wearing masks even longer as an extra measure of safety and protection. At the Richmond Food Bank, as of July 2021, masks continue to be mandatory in order to help protect everyone – especially those who are most vulnerable.

Infographics in English and Chinese like the one below demonstrate proper mask wearing and social distancing practices.

Vaccinations are the key to lowering COVID-19 transmission rates and cases. A main part of the nurse visits is to provide facts about vaccination and why it is important to be vaccinated. The infographic below describes the three types of vaccines and their differences. 


Visitors who prefer a digital copy of the infographic have the option to scan a QR Code.

Detailed instructions for vaccine registration are also available printed in several languages, courtesy of Vancouver Coastal Health at: http://www.vch.ca/covid-19/covid-19-vaccine

The Richmond Food Bank Society greatly appreciates the BCIT nursing students and retired nurses for their time. We also appreciate the public’s open-mindedness and willingness to learn about COVID-19 vaccination opportunities. We hope that by engaging with the facts of COVID-19 vaccination, we are all able to make informed decisions confidently and with peace of mind. 

As of July 2021 our clients are encouraged to continue wearing masks and maintain social distancing when using food bank services. Anyone entering the Richmond Food Bank building is required to wear a mask.

Thank you to Rina Kwok (Canada Summer Jobs seasonal staff team member) for authoring this blog post.

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