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New! Additional Perishable Grocery Distributions on Mondays and Fridays at Cedarbridge Way

New! Additional Perishable Grocery Distributions on Mondays and Fridays at Cedarbridge Way

By Stephanie Shulhan in Information about Poverty on January 7, 2020

The Richmond Food Bank now offers a perishable grocery distribution that is held on Mondays and Fridays (except on stat holidays), from 11am – 1pm, only at #100 5800 Cedarbridge Way. Here is what you need to know if you plan to pick up food at a perishable grocery distribution:

Time and Location: 11am – 1pm on Mondays and Fridays, ONLY at #100 5800 Cedarbridge Way

Who can pick up food: Registered Richmond Food Bank clients can pick up food. You must bring a piece of recent mail with your Richmond address every time you pick up food. If you are not yet registered (never visited the Food Bank before) and you need food due to financial hardship, you can register when you arrive by showing an ID, and a current piece of mail (electronic or paper) with your Richmond address on it. You’ll also be asked some questions during registration, including your date of birth.

What kinds of food you can pick up: Usually, items offered will include vegetables and fruits (fresh produce), baked goods like bread/buns, and certain other perishable items. The quantity and types of perishable foods will vary, and items will be offered only while quantities last.

How often you can attend perishable grocery distributions: You can attend as many perishable grocery distributions as you need. You can visit only once per distribution (meaning you may not visit the Monday perishable distribution more than once on the same day, and you may not visit the Friday perishable distribution more than once on the same day).

What about the regular (weekly) grocery distributions? The perishable grocery distributions on Mondays and Fridays are in addition to our regular grocery distributions, which remain unchanged. A member of your household may still attend only ONE of the regular grocery distributions per calendar week (click here to see the schedule of locations and times for regular grocery distributions). In addition, you may attend any/all perishable grocery distributions you need.

Other information: As always, please bring your own grocery/shopping bags.When you arrive for a perishable grocery distribution on a Monday or Friday, there may be a lineup. If so, please line up and wait for your turn to check in and pick up food. At staff’s discretion, you may be assigned a position in the lineup (by a random drawing of lots, for example). If there is no lineup, you may check in with a staff member at the desk and they will check you in or register you as required.

Please Contact Us for more information.

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