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March is Nutrition Month!

March is Nutrition Month!

By Keith Yee in Community Events on March 6, 2018

March is Nutrition Month, and we’re happy to celebrate it!

Nutrition is always our focus at the Richmond Food Bank- we work hard to make sure we’re offering healthy, nutritious food to the people we serve.  We aim to ensure that 1/3 of what we give out is fresh fruits and vegetables, and purchase fresh milk and eggs every week for the children we serve.  We also work with Vancouver Coastal Health dieticians and UBC nutrition students to demonstrate how to make healthy, economical meals with the food available each week.

We often get asked how to save money while purchasing healthy, nutritious food.  Thankfully, Food Banks Canada has produced this helpful infographic:

We hope you enjoy Nutrition Month.  Please Contact Us if you have any questions about Nutrition Month or about our commitment to providing healthy, nutritious food for our neighbours in need.

Here are some additional resources on Nutrition month and healthy eating:

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