RFB Guidelines on Tax Receipts for In-Kind Donations

RFB Guidelines on Tax Receipts for In-Kind Donations

By Keith Yee in Donation on July 13, 2016

The Richmond Food Bank is very grateful for your donations that enable us to serve more than 1400 people each week through our grocery distribution and more than 700 people through the food we provide to our community partners.  We rely on your support, as we are a registered charity that is not government-funded.

The Richmond Food Bank is delighted to provide a charitable tax receipt for monetary donations of $20 or more.

We can also provide charitable tax receipts for food and other products that we need (such as diapers, shampoo, and dental supplies care) that you purchase in a store.  We will need the store receipt in order to process the charitable tax receipt.

CRA guidelines restrict our ability to provide a charitable tax receipts for wholesale or in-kind donations.  On occasion, we can make an exception for product that we frequently require and if the product has a long shelf life.  If you feel that your donation may meet these guidelines, please contact us for confirmation before we pick up the donation.

Because we need to focus our limited resources on picking up fresh fruits and vegetables and healthy grocery staples, the Richmond Food Bank is unable to pick up sweet and salty products like chips, pop, candies, and cookies.

We thank our generous community for your continued support providing healthy, nutritious grocery assistance for our neighbours in need.

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Keith Yee is the Richmond Food Bank's General Manager.