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Poverty and Health

Poverty and Health

By Keith Yee in Information about Food Security on August 7, 2014

This important podcast from the CBC investigates the link between health outcomes and socio-economic factors, especially income level.

What they discover matches what we hear from the people we serve.  Many of our neighbours in need suffer from illness or/and mental health issues and take longer to recover from illness.

“Our community has been very good to me and I want to give back to it.”- Esther

That is why we focus on providing healthy, nutritious, and safe food for the people we serve.  Thanks to your support, we’re able to regularly provide staple items including milk, yogurt, and fresh fruits and vegetables.

We encourage you to listen to the CBC podcast– it provides a great overview of a complicated and important issue.  If you want to learn more about poverty in our community, please Contact Us for a tour.


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Keith Yee

Keith Yee is the Richmond Food Bank's General Manager.