RFB Garden Plot

RFB Garden Plot

We work hard to ensure that we give out a lot of fresh produce at each of our Grocery Distributions.  Fresh fruits and vegetables are important to the people we serve- many of whom have health concerns and need healthy, nutritious food.

To supplement our offerings of fresh produce, RFB volunteers have started growing fruits and vegetables in our very own community garden plot.  RFB volunteers are growing strawberries, kale, rhubarb, tomatoes, peas, kale, and potatoes.  The volunteers tend to, harvest, and give out these items at our six grocery distributions.

Here are some photos of our garden plot, taken during our Thursday afternoon gardening sessions:


A big thank you to the Richmond Food Security Society and Vancouver Coastal Health for lending us the garden plot this season.  We are grateful for your assistance in making sure the people we serve get fresh fruits and vegetables!

We also thank Food Banks Canada for their generous support through the 2018 +Fresh Gardens & Growing Fund.  The grant will go towards expanding our program, purchasing gardening tools, and offering gardening workshops.