About Us- Food Bank Facts

        • For every $1 we spend, we collect and distribute over $6 worth of food
        • We have provided weekly service to Richmond since 1983
        • We serve over 1300 people and give out 30 000 lbs of food every week
        • 55% of our clients are temporary users, most of whom are suffering through a crisis
        • 32% of our clients are children
        • 30% could be self-sufficient, but have cost of living concerns
        • 15% are long-term users with multiple barriers to employment, including chronic illness, mental health problems, or disabilities
        • We provide food to the other community meals in Richmond, including Bethel Church, St. Albans, Peace Mennonite, and Gilmore, as well as providing food for other agencies serving low-income Richmond residents
        • We have over 200 regular volunteers who come every week; in addition, many groups come to volunteer during the winter and summer months

The Richmond Food Bank is a member of the following organizations: