Most Needed Items

Most Needed Items

By Keith Yee in Donation on April 6, 2018

Updated December 2019

Thank you for supporting our neighbours in need with your donation of healthy, nutritious food.  In a typical week, your donations help us serve more than 1400 people through our grocery distributions and an additional 800 people through our school meals and community partners programs.

Here are some of our most needed items: (Click here to download our Most Needed Items poster)

  • Canned Milk
  • Peanut Butter
  • Soup (Chunky Soup, Cream of Mushroom, Cream of Celery, Chicken Noodle, etc.)
  • Canned meat and fish
  • Rice, pasta
  • Cereal
  • Baby food and formula (non-expired)
  • Toiletries and Personal Hygiene items – toilet tissue, shampoo, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, feminine hygiene products

To ensure health and safety, we are unable to accept the following items:

  • Energy Drinks and Soda (Pop)
  • Pharmaceuticals (prescription or over-the-counter drugs, pain-killers, vitamins, health supplements, weight-loss products, etc.)
  • Homemade items (foods you cooked/prepared at home or anywhere other than a licensed commercial kitchen)
  • Expired baby food or formula
  • Products containing any amount of alcohol (including de-alcoholized beer and beverages)
  • Cigarettes or smoking/vaping products
  • Open/used packages of food (where the food product has been exposed to the air)

Monetary donations allow us to purchase perishable food items, including fresh fruits, vegetables and milk.  We also have great purchasing power – for every $1 donated, we give out about $6 worth of food (based on 2019 data).  Donations of $20 or more are eligible for a tax receipt.

You can donate online, over the phone (604-271-5609) with a credit card, or through the mail with a cheque payable to “Richmond Food Bank Society ” or in person at our main office (100-5800 Cedarbridge Way, Richmond BC, V6X 2A7).  Please contact us for more information, or visit our donate page for details on how and when to donate food.

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Keith Yee

Keith Yee is the Richmond Food Bank's General Manager.