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Services for Homeless People in Richmond

Services for Homeless People in Richmond

By Keith Yee in Information about Poverty on March 29, 2018

Since the announcement of the modular housing project on Elmbridge, we have been asked about what services we offer for homeless people in Richmond.

We help Richmond’s homeless population primarily through three programs: our Grocery Distribution program- in 2017, we served 72 people who didn’t have residences (including people who live on the streets and those who “couch surf”); our Community Partners program, where we provide food and other items to community meals and CHIMO’s homeless outreach team; and our Community Wellness Centre, where retired nurses and social workers, specially trained volunteers, and community agencies connect the people we serve with vital community services.

The 2017 Metro Vancouver Regional Homeless Count suggests that the number of homeless people we are consistent with Richmond’s homeless population size, considering the limitations of the methodology.

The proposed modular hosing project in Richmond is close to our main distribution site on Cedarbridge Way, and promises to provide 24 hour a day support for its residents.  Our experiences with people in transition housing suggests that this care is crucial to moving people from homelessness to residences.

If you have any questions about the people we serve or our programs, please Contact Us.

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Keith Yee

Keith Yee is the Richmond Food Bank's General Manager.